LIVE from 4pm: watch the Red Devils’ exhibition match against Egypt here | Friendly 2022

including November 18, 2022 10:30 a.m FriendlyGame day 118-11-2022 16:00 Before the World Cup, the Red Devils will play one friendly match: they will face Egypt in Kuwait on Friday from 16:00. How are the Belgians doing? Follow the match on this site with text updates and listen to Radio 1. in advance, 1:39 p.m. … Read more

Patient walking during ambulatory immunotherapy

Hospital pharmacist Dr. Roelof van Leeuwen, who works in the Department of Pharmacy and Internal Oncology at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, has a mission. He wants health care to be accessible and work manageable for health workers. Projects on which she collaborates with other specialists, nurses and pharmacy assistants will help. Patients themselves play … Read more

Erdogan calls Putin on war, urges diplomatic efforts | War Ukraine and Russia

Russian President Putin and his Turkish counterpart Erdogan spoke on the phone about the war in Ukraine. Erdogan called for diplomatic efforts to stop the fighting. Erdogan said a recent meeting in Turkey between senior US and Russian intelligence officials was important to prevent an “uncontrollable escalation”.Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russia believes … Read more

‘They wouldn’t tell me on camera’: Chris Hemsworth is at high risk of Alzheimer’s disease | Celebrities

Celebrities‘Thor’ actor Chris Hemsworth (39) revealed in an interview with ‘Vanity Fair’ that he has a genetic predisposition to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. He made this discovery while filming his new series ‘Limitless’. “I’m eight to ten times more likely to have this disease.” Chris Hemsworth was aware that his new Disney+ series ‘Limitless’ was … Read more

The offer for Makro is not credible and that means the end of the story for 1,400 employees

On Tuesday, when representatives of the court received five offers for the part of Makro Cash & Carry Belgium, hope dawned that there would be prospects for Makro employees as well. However, the doubts that existed then about the quality of the offer have now been confirmed. According to our information, the agents are rejecting … Read more

IF you don’t get better!

Sebastiaan Kuiken, our son and brother (age 40), was diagnosed with ALS this year. ALS is one of the most serious and progressive disorders of the nervous system, in which all muscles gradually fail. Your life will literally fall apart! Sebastian was: strong as a bear, athletic, positive and willing. He was super handy. In … Read more

Julie Van den Steen and Jens Dendoncker “twins” in their new quiz. “That was pure fun” | Fashion and beauty

This week, the matching outfits of brand new quizmasters Julie Van den Steen (30) and Jens Dendoncker (32) caught our eye. Stylist Farah El Bastani is responsible for this successful look. She told us how she put together the outfits and that there’s more. Our fashion editor gives three golden tips for those who want … Read more