Must Read: Bonds Beat Stocks

News Plus: 60/40 portfolio forecast significantly improved, two positive market indicators, ETF yields more, Bitcoin may fall another 20% and more. The forecast for the traditional investment portfolio has improved significantly Investment strategist Evan Brown of UBS AM expects the 60/40 portfolio to return an average of 7.2% annually over the next five years. “Revenue … Read more

Horse riding is disappearing from the modern pentathlon: from now on, athletes must complete obstacle courses | Olympics

The modern pentathlon will undergo a change after the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Horse riding is replaced by an obstacle course. At the conference of the UIMP global federation, with more than 83 percent of the votes, in addition to fencing, swimming, running and pistol shooting, the obstacle course was also adopted as a … Read more

“Thanks to you, I can do everything. I never learned to miss myself’: Hugo, family and friends say goodbye to Nicole Josy | Nicole from ‘Nicole and Hugo’ has died

BV“It’s the farewell of ‘Nicole, Nicole of Hugo, Colleken, Nicole and Hugo…’” A pale and excited Hugo Sigal follows his farewell to his beloved Nicole in Revenge. Although a faint smile occasionally appears on his lips when he hears the compelling testimonies of friends and family. The funeral service opens with Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York’. … Read more