Erdogan calls Putin on war, urges diplomatic efforts | War Ukraine and Russia

Russian President Putin and his Turkish counterpart Erdogan spoke on the phone about the war in Ukraine. Erdogan called for diplomatic efforts to stop the fighting.

Erdogan said a recent meeting in Turkey between senior US and Russian intelligence officials was important to prevent an “uncontrollable escalation”.
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russia believes it is possible to start high-level talks with the US on “strategic stability” issues such as disarmament, but Ukraine cannot be discussed with Washington because of disagreements. A Kremlin spokesman said there were currently no plans for a meeting between Putin and his American counterpart, Biden.

Erdogan has tried to mediate since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February. He has good relations with both countries and has not imposed any sanctions against Russia. Negotiations have already taken place between Ukraine and Russia, including consultations at the ministerial level in Turkey.

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The deal with the grain

Last summer, Erdogan and the UN managed to negotiate a Ukrainian-Russian agreement on the transportation of grain. Among other things, this allows cargo ships to safely export agricultural products from Ukrainian ports across the Black Sea despite hostilities. This prevents food shortages, as Ukraine is a major grain exporter. Erdogan thanked Putin for extending the agreement, which was due to expire on Saturday, to Russia. It is now valid again for four months.

The Turkish president is said to have thanked his Russian counterpart for his “constructive attitude” to the grain export agreement. The Russian president is said to have proposed the establishment of a gas hub in Turkey. According to Erdogan, technical, legal and commercial issues need to be clarified first, which he said can be done “as soon as possible”.

CSTO in Armenia

Putin has refrained from attending major international conferences, such as this week’s G20 summit in Bali, nor is he at the current Pacific summit (APEC) in Bangkok. Russia is a member of the G20 and a member of APEC. However, he will attend a meeting of the Moscow-controlled Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Armenia next week.

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