Darts’ ‘next big thing’ hits sensational nine-dart finish against Van Gerwen, but celebrations turn sour | More Sports

DartsWhat a fight. 21-year-old Josh Rock pushed Michael van Gerwen to the limit in the quarter-finals of the Grand Slam of Darts. In the end it was 10-8 to the Dutch and Rock was able to distinguish himself with a sensational nine-arrow – a perfect nine-arrow leg. Something went wrong during the celebration. LOOK. Rock … Read more

Better treatment strategies for children with heart defects through international collaboration

Thanks to the international network CAHAL*, new scientific findings are quickly implemented at LUMC and Amsterdam UMC Professors Mark Hazekamp and Nico Blom strive to push the boundaries of pediatric cardiology every day. By continuously improving quality guidelines in research, education and patient care, they contribute to improving the diagnosis and treatment of (congenital) heart … Read more

‘I’m forced to talk about my mortality’: Chris Hemsworth is at high risk of Alzheimer’s disease | Celebrities

Celebrities‘Thor’ actor Chris Hemsworth (39) revealed in an interview with ‘Vanity Fair’ that he has a genetic predisposition to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. He made this discovery while filming his new series ‘Limitless’. “I’m eight to ten times more likely to have this disease.” Chris Hemsworth was aware that his new Disney+ series ‘Limitless’ was … Read more

Bruises and bruises at the spine of Les Bleus, but can Mbappé and Benzema together heal France? | 2022 FIFA World Cup

The old wisdom says: know your enemies. Under this motto, we fill the main competitors of the Red Devils for the title of world champion in Qatar. What are their main themes? Who should we watch out for? And what do experts expect? Today’s lineup: defending champions France. It could be a “spot the difference” … Read more

IF you don’t get better!

Sebastiaan Kuiken, our son and brother (age 40), was diagnosed with ALS this year. ALS is one of the most serious and progressive disorders of the nervous system, in which all muscles gradually fail. Your life will literally fall apart! Sebastian was: strong as a bear, athletic, positive and willing. He was super handy. In … Read more

FIFA World Cup Evolves: 4 Qatar World Cup Upgrades | 2022 FIFA World Cup

FIFA has introduced a number of new rules and technologies for the World Cup in Qatar. But what exactly has changed compared to previous World Cups? And perhaps more importantly: what are the consequences? 26 instead of 23 players In this edition, the selection consists of 26 lucky ones, but this was not always the … Read more

The Kidney Foundation presents a check for nephrotic syndrome research

November 17, 2022 On November 14, researcher Dr. Rutger Maas from Radboudumc a check from the Dutch Kidney Foundation for nephrotic syndrome research. The donation was made possible through the estate of Janneke Bresser’s mother, a patient treated by Dr. Mesh. Arjen Rienks, research program manager at the Dutch Kidney Foundation, presented a check for … Read more