Bizarre price difference at Colruyt: large cans of peas and carrots are cheaper than small cans

© yr A customer at the Colruyt supermarket in Beveren made a curious observation this week: a 400g can of Everyday peas with baby carrots is selling for €1.01, while the same 800g can costs just €0.99. The reason for the price difference: tougher competition on large cans. Buying in bulk at the supermarket is … Read more

Then don’t wait until December: thousands of customers will already receive their energy premiums paid this month

READ ALSO. We’ve held on for a long time, but now many are about to fold: is this the week when the heating is turned on everywhere? The Federal Energy Premium, also known as the Basic Energy Package. In mid-September, the government decided to introduce this premium to help families through the winter, given the … Read more

Jana regrets the moment of decision in Blind Married: “I’m going all out for Christiaan again”

” style=”width:100%;” data-video-embed-id=”” data-video-target-id=”video-player-” data-video-brand=”gva” data-recommendations-account-id=”tjZpfa2I1Ack” data-recommendations-playlist-id=”dCQJB-kajs4m” data-has-recommendations=”true” class=”js-theoplayer- placeholder” > © VRT A sad surprise in the latest episode Blind married: Jana and Christiaan said no. Although it seemed that it was not with full conviction. in Hello everyone Jana admits that she actually wanted to say yes and that she regrets her decision. … Read more

A relative of Nicole Josy placed a poem by poet Mols on a prayer card: “Of course I feel honored” (Mol)

The poem on the prayer card was written by Janis Ooms aka SMOOJ. — © BELGIUM Moth – The recently deceased Nicole Josy’s prayer card features a poem by Molse Janis Ooms aka SMOOJ. Janis wrote it as a response to Nicole’s sudden death and the family asked if they could use the poem. “I … Read more