‘They wouldn’t tell me on camera’: Chris Hemsworth is at high risk of Alzheimer’s disease | Celebrities

Celebrities‘Thor’ actor Chris Hemsworth (39) revealed in an interview with ‘Vanity Fair’ that he has a genetic predisposition to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. He made this discovery while filming his new series ‘Limitless’. “I’m eight to ten times more likely to have this disease.”

Chris Hemsworth was aware that his new Disney+ series ‘Limitless’ was taking a personal and physically demanding journey. But he was not prepared for this discovery. For one of the episodes of the new series, the intention was to investigate the length of human life and how it could possibly be extended.

“The goal was to take my blood and then tell me all the results on camera. And then talking about how I could improve them,” says Hemstworth. “But the doctor on the episode called the producers right after getting my results and said, ‘I don’t want to tell him on camera. We have to have a separate interview to see if he wants it on the show,” Chris said. He continues: “It was quite shocking because he called me and told me.” Hemsworth said he had “a lot of questions” when he heard the news. He also later added that he didn’t really know what to think and wondered if he should be worried now.


The diagnosis, which makes Hemsworth “eight to 10 times more likely” to eventually develop Alzheimer’s, also made him think about death and his own mortality. “They prefer to avoid the subject of ‘death’ and hope to somehow avoid it,” Chris tells Vanity Fair. “We all believe we can do it. But when you get the message that a lot of indicators point to you ending up a certain way, the reality sinks in for a while,” concludes Chris.

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